-Hey guys, nice company! 
There is only one self-employed artisan working in a tiny 5 square meters workshop located in the basement of his apartment, me, Patrick Hufschmid, so I have no idea and a very hard time trying to understand who are the 'guys' and 'company' you are talking about...

-Where are you located?
I live and work in the french speaking region of Switzerland 5mn by train from Montreux here in Aigle.

-Do you ship worldwide?
Absolutely, that is indeed the case for 98% of my work!

-What is the difference between the 'Helldunkel' and the 'TANTALUM'?
The neck, body and fingerboard timbers are the same on both models, the difference resides in the fact that the 'Helldunkel' is a 'set specs' or 'stripped down TANTALUM' if you prefer, adding a top, choosing the scale or adding some exclusive 'HufGlow block inlays' is only available when ordering a TANTALUM. The 'Helldunkel' specifications are listed on its page.

-What is the first price of a Hufschmid guitar?
Prices range from CHF2'900 (set price for the 'Helldunkel' model) and up to CHF3'800 for a 'Tantalum' model. In the end, it all comes down to the specifications of the instrument. A .pdf  which contains all my prices and options is available on simple request.
A currency converter is available on the bottom of this page! CHF = Swiss Francs 

-How do I order a guitar? 
By simply contacting me via the website 'contact form', it really is that simple...

-Do you build tremolo guitars? 
I do not build tremolo guitars.

-Do you build bass guitars and left handed guitars?
Sorry, no.

-Can I get a free guitar and free picks?
I'm not a company but a self-employed artisan living and working in what is known as the world's most expensive country to live in - Switzerland. Click this link.

-Which plectrum would you recommend for me?
Click this link !

-How can I join your waiting list?
I work with the 'first come first served' method and only work on a maximum of 2 orders at a time, this way I never fail to deliver in time and always stay above my workload. My work schedule is divided between guitar and plectrum building therefore I can only build 6 to 7 guitars per annum. If you would like to buy one of my guitars, feel free to contact me via the website 'contact form', I'll then send you a .pdf file in which I list all the options and prices. The current waiting period until you receive your new guitar is 5-7 weeks.

-Do you have any dealers?
-Shimamura music in Japan.
-Doll Music in China.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to become an official Hufschmid dealer!

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